Use eAlerts to notify you when certain transactions occur on your account. Each eAlert can be sent to your email address or mobile phone number within minutes of the actual transaction.

Accessing Alerts
You can view, edit or delete your eAlert(s) from within the Online Banking menu.
  1. Login to Online Banking
  2. select eAlerts! located under eServices in the top menu
  3. Click the add eAlert! button
  4. Choose the type of eAlert you want to set up then click Continue
  5. Complete fields then click Contine
  6. Your list of eAlerts! will appear

Custom Notifications
Use eAlerts! to notify you when certain transactions or actions take place on your account. Some of these include:
  • Low Account Balance
  • Pending ACH Transaction
  • Overdraw Transfer
  • Courtesy Pay
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Direct Deposit Received
  • Check Clearing (specific no.)