Schedule of Fees

Schedule of FeesEffective 11/15/15
Account History Printed $0.75/page
Address (Incorrect per 12 month period) $5.00
ATM/Visa Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM Empty Envelope $50.00
Balance Below Minimum (Per month)
(Primary Share accounts with balances below $25. Waived for youth accounts)
Bill Pay (Dormant)
(Per Month, after 2 months of no activity)
Cashier's Checks
(Fee waived with a Valley First Visa)
Check Cashing Fee
(Fee waived with a Checking, Visa, Loan or maintain a $500.00 minimum Savings balance)
Checking, Choice (Per month)
(Monthly fee reductions: $1.00 for eStatements, $1.00 for a posted and settled
direct deposit or automatic payment (ACH), and $0.20 per each posted and settled debit card purchase)
Checking, Basic Business (Per month. No waiver) $6.00
Checking, Premium Business (Per month. No waiver) $9.00
Check Orders Fee Vary
Club Account Early Withdrawal (Per Withdrawal) $5.00
Coin Processing (Loose/Rolled) (Member)
(Excluding Youth Accounts)
Coin Processing (Loose/Rolled) (Non-Member) 6%
Courtesy Pay Fee $25.00
Deposited/Collection Items Returned $25.00
Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction Free
Dormant Account
(Per month. No activity in 12 mos.)
Early Account Closure Fee
(Within 6 months of opening)
Escheated Notification Fee $2.00
Foreign Bank Deposit Fee
(Foreign bank, US currency)
Foreign Item Deposit Fee
(Foreign bank, foreign currency)
Foreign Item Return Deposit Fee $25.00
HSA Accounts: Monthly Fee (Fee waived with eStatements) $3.00
HSA Accounts: One-time set up Fee $10.00
HSA Accounts: Withdrawal Transaction Fee
(In Branch/Call Center)
IRA Annual Fee Free
(Letter to take vehicle out of the country or special request)
Membership Fee (One-time, non-refundable) $1.00
Money Market Withdrawals: First 3 Withdrawals Free
Money Market Withdrawals: 4-6 Withdrawals $5.00 each
Money Market Withdrawals: 7 or more Withdrawals $10.00 each
Money Orders ($1,000 maximum) $2.00
Non-Member ATM Surcharge $2.00
Notary Service (Per signature) $10.00 each
NSF Fee (ACH, ATM, Drafts) $25.00
Online Banking Free
Overdraft Transfer
(3 FREE per month from Savings, Overdraft or Line of Credit)
Photocopy of Paid Check
(2 FREE per statement or Free copies online with eStatements)
Priority Card Delivery $40.00
Priority PIN Delivery $40.00
Research/Account Balancing (1 hour minimum) $20.00/hour
Response to Legal Order
(Subpoenas, levies, garnishments)
Return/Redeposit of an item $5.00
Self-to-Self NSF Item
(In addition to Deposited/Collection Items Returned Fee)
Statement Copies
(FREE copies online with eStatements)
Stop Payments (ACH/Draft) $15.00
Stop Payments (Audio/Online Drafts Only) $5.00
Valleyline Telephone Access Free
Verification of Deposit Free
Wire Transfers (Domestic) $20.00
Wire Transfers (International) $35.00
Wire Transfers (Incoming) $5.00

ATM Schedule of Fees(Effective 5/1/09)
Your relationship with
Valley First Credit Union
Valley First ATMs All Other CO-OP ATMs Non CO-OP ATMs
Check Card      
Valley First Credit Union FREE1 FREE1 FREE1
ATM Card      
Combined checking
and/or savings balance of
more than $5,000.00
Checking Account and/or
combined savings balance
of $2,500.00
FREE1 FREE1 $2.00
Savings Account only with
less than $2,500.00
FREE1 $2.00 $2.00
1FREE = Valley First does not charge a transaction fee, however there may be a surcharge/network fee from the other institution's machine.