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Your account is just a phone call away.

Get 24/7 account access with Valleyline, our free automated phone line.1

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Enjoy these convenient features & benefits:


Review Account Activity
& Balances

Make Transfers
& Withdrawals


And Much


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To access Valleyline, you must have an access code and be a member of the credit union.

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Banking on the Phone

Call (209) 524-5132 or (800) 266-8328 anytime day or night and quickly...

  • Activate a New Debit Card
  • Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card
  • Check your Balance
  • Review Account History
  • Get Loan Information
  • Review Check Information

Valleyline How To Guide

Getting Started is Easy

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Simply contact Member Service during business hours to request an access code. Once you have your access code you can call Valleyline 24/7 to access your account.

Contact Us

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1Usage charges for data may apply. Please check with your carrier for current rates.